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Reseat Your Home with Lemroe
Bedside Tables
Dining Chairs
Accent Chairs

Best original, unusual designer furniture just for adding a touch of pep to your interior.

A Huge Refresh
Living Room Furniture Collection

"We love to surprise with our latest and ever more surprising furniture novelties and trends...Those who are not too gimmicky will surely fall in love with our really designer objects."

Dining Space Furniture Collection
Dine in soft & comfort of velvet

For those dining chairs and bar stools that velvet is used as the fabric, we choose the finest skin-friendly fabric to provide you with a comfortable touch and a luxurious visual experience.

A taste of elegance: rich PU leather

Customized exclusive leather texture for each PU leather dining chair and bar stools, while increasing durability, beautiful and easy to clean.

Home Needs Celebrating

Purposeful Furniture

Something personal, presentable and with purposeful that was easy to light up your home.
Dining chair collection

Original & Unusual Chairs

To find you the best original, unusual DINING CHAIRS that each of them have a funny little anecdote.
A unique & stylish make up space