A guide to clean and care for sofas at home

The sofa is the Highlight of a home. The dust in the home will stay on the surface of the sofa. There are bacteria in the air dust, if you do not clean the dust and dirt on the sofa for a long time, the bacteria that stay on the surface of the sofa will grow and multiply under a certain humidity and temperature, it will cause the sofa to have a musty smell and mold.

Regular cleaning sofa can make the family fewer bacteria and viruses, while also eliminating the source of bacterial breeding. Sofa's general service life of 10-15 years does not clean or wrong cleaning can easily lead to early damage.

Sofas have different shapes and fabrics, and some fabric covers are even removable and washable. If your sofa is made of blended cotton or linen, it will be easy to wash it with a cleaner with natural ingredients. Different materials have different cleaning methods. The correct cleaning method can extend the life of the sofa.


Find the fabric label of the sofa, which is generally as follows:

  • W: Washable in water

  • S: Only solvent-based detergent can be used

  • SW: water or solvent cleaner can be used safely

  • X: can only be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner

A guide to clean and care for sofas at home

Fabric Sofa Cleaning Tips:

A fabric sofa with a rag wet wipe may leave traces, so you need to use a vacuum cleaner to absorb surface dust.

Before beginning to clean the sofa, brush the surface of the sofa with a clean white towel or cloth to get rid of the spots that are cemented in all parts, including the corners and crevices. This step can also be done with a stiff bristle brush. Avoid using colored towels or sponges, the dyes on them may discolor the sofa.

You can spray the carpet cleaner sold on the market, and then vacuum the dust easily. The crevices of the armrests and the seat surface are the places where dust is most likely to gather and difficult to remove, so here you need to use a vacuum cleaner with a fine nozzle to suck carefully.

If you need to deep clean your sofa. Sprinkle baking soda over the entire sofa. Baking soda helps to remove odors and stains from the fabric. Mix it with a natural carpet cleaning powder and leave it for 20 minutes to an hour. Vacuum the sofa with the brush head attached.

Velvet Fabric Sofa Cleaning Tips:

You can use a brush with a little diluted alcohol sweep brush once, and then blow dry with a hair dryer, such as encounter juice stains, with 1 teaspoon of baking soda and water mix, and then wipe with a rag, the stain will subside.

Leather Sofa Cleaning Tips:

(1)Too dry or humid air will accelerate the aging of leather, so make sure of the ventilation in the living room.

(2) Direct sunlight to the leather will make the colored leather fade, and air conditioning will make the leather hard, so do not put the leather sofa in direct sunlight to the place, and do not put the air conditioning directly blow to the place.

(3) In summer sweat, the pores of the leather will absorb sweat, coupled with the summer heat and humidity, which will make the sweat in the organic matter and leather chemical reaction to produce odor. Therefore, you should diligently wipe with a dry rag.

(4) Can not use alkaline cleaning solution when wiping the sofa, because the production of leather is acidic treatment, and alkaline will make the leather softness decline, and long-term use will occur wrinkle crack.


Daily maintenance of the sofa:

Usually, you can use a dry towel on the sofa and pat, it at least once every week to vacuum, sofa armrests and seat cushions are easier to dirty, you can lay a large towel on them, sofa armrests, backrests, and seams should also take into account.

When using a vacuum cleaner, do not use a suction brush to prevent damage to the woven threads on the cloth and make the cloth fluffy. Avoid vacuuming with extra suction, as this may cause the threads to be torn. You can use a small vacuum cleaner to clean.

Fabric sofa sets can generally be cleaned at home using a washing machine, ironing should be noted that some elastic sofa set fabric is easy to dry and iron-free, especially cotton sofa sets, should not be ironed.

In addition, fabric sofas are less wear-resistant than leather sofas, it is best to avoid old sitting in the same position. If the sofa found loose threads, do not use your hands to rip it off, the application of scissors is neatly cut off.

Even if the sofa set is fully disassembled, do not take down a cushion set to wash separately, it should be washed at the same time as the other parts of the sofa, to avoid producing fabric new and old and color differences.

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