A Guide to Side Tables

Side tables set visual accents in the living room, bedroom, dining room, or hallway. Due to their compact dimensions, they are particularly flexible in use. Smaller tables usually have several layers of space to put things to meet storage needs and are also easy to take out. There are open designs and some with drawers. Side tables can also be placed next to the bed and used as a nightstand. Read all about side tables here, hope it can help you.

Side tables - space-saving and practical:

The small tables, originally called Guéridon, are furniture with small space requirements and are mainly used for quick storage of objects. They consist of a tabletop and a base and are available in different designs as well as materials. With side tables, you optimally fill unused niches, for example, next to the sofa. Thus, the tables are beautiful eye-catchers and practical furniture at the same time.

Features of side tables:

  • Small tables, smaller dimensions than a coffee table

  • Can be placed in almost any corner

  • Common shapes: square, rectangular or round

  • Waist-high and often with a diameter of about 30 centimeters.

Usually, you can buy sets of side tables, which consist of several different sizes of the same design.


Side tables can be used in almost any room of the apartment. For example, they replace the classic coffee table, serving as a shelf for drinks and remote control when placed next to or in front of the sofa. A side table can be used as a useful shelf for barbecue accessories or a book, even on the terrace or in the garden. In addition, side tables can be found with the following functions:

  • Newspaper rack/storage

  • Flower stand

  • Bedside table

  • Tray table

  • Table for telephone

Provides additional storage space: side table with basket/ drawer function.

Side tables are made of different materials and in different designs. Whether your home is decorated in a cozy country style, subtle Scandi-chic, or trendy industrial look, side tables are available to match any style of living.

Especially side tables with basket/drawer functions enjoy great popularity and can be found in many living rooms. Some models, which consist of a kind of metal basket with a top on top, are particularly practical: their table tops, which are mainly made of wood, can be easily removed so that you can use the inside of the side table as storage space for blankets, etc.

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