Everything You Need to Know About Dressing Table Before Buying One

The dressing table is more common bedroom furniture in our living. In the choice of dressing table, we should look at the right size and bedroom area to choose so that you can choose a more suitable dressing table. This can also meet the needs of the actual home setting, making the bedroom space to create better. Of course, in the choice of style is also very important, can better set off the bedroom atmosphere.

Dressers are usually sized at a total height of 1500mm, while the width is 700mm to 1200mm. This size range is just right for the setting within every bedroom.

Dressing table, make up table

The main types of dressers are Bedside Table Type, Combination Type, Writing Desk Type, and Combination Cabinet Type.


As Follows:

  • Bedside Table Type: Generally integrated with the head of the bed, a strong sense of the whole. Dresser doubles as a nightstand, saving floor space. 

  • Combination Type: There are two kinds of high combination types and low combination types. High-combination dressing table design in the combination of the cabinet, occupying a small unit. Low-combination type generally connects the dressing table with low cabinets, high and low staggered, more decorative.

  • Writing Desk Type: This can be both a dressing table and a writing function.

  • Combination Cabinet Type: Located in the combination cabinet, it does not occupy too much space, suitable for small areas of the living room.

Different Styles of Dressing Tables:

The classic dressing table usually impresses with a romantic look, while more modern variants are characterized by straight lines and a simple design.


Dressing Table in Classic (Country) Style

Dressing table, make up table
  • Features numerous ornaments: a playful, romantic look

  • Sit closer to the mirror

  • Becomes an eye-catcher in any room

  • The angle of the mirror can be adjusted

  • Dressing tables mostly in white

If you want to buy a cosmetic table for this look, you should pick up the country style in the rest of your interior. With the help of other furniture and decoration in a romantic look, you can create a coherent overall.


Modern Dressing Table

dressing table with led
  • Impresses with simple elegance

  • Timeless

  • Larger mirrors

  • Multiple colors available

  • Available with LED bulb option

  • Rather inconspicuous in terms of the overall effect of the room.

Both styles of dressers have storage space for accessories, lipsticks, etc.


The Lighting

For the optimal use of your dressing table, the right illumination is elementary. A poorly lit makeup station will result in shadows on your face, making it difficult to apply makeup. We have compiled tips for the perfect lighting:

Dressing table with LED 

The Right Light Color:

Although warmer lighting is particularly inviting and comfortable in the living room, it is often impractical in front of a dressing table. Yellowish lights distort the color of the face and may cause unexpected makeup effects in daylight. Therefore, daylight lights that mimic sunlight and provide a particularly white color (approximately 5,500 Kelvin) are more suitable.

Level of Illumination:

To ensure that your face is evenly illuminated, it makes sense to use a long light strip. Smaller, round lights may cause shadows to form on your face.

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