How do I choose a dressing table?

For those who are very fond of makeup, a dresser is a must-have piece of furniture. Dressing tables come in different shapes, designs and colors. You can choose among the many styles of dressers according to your home design aesthetic.

For organized storage of make-up and other beauty products, the space in the bathroom is usually insufficient. Dressing tables with several compartments and drawers provide a remedy. Most of them can be integrated into any room and not only fulfill practical purposes, but also become a visual eye-catcher in your home.


When choosing your cosmetic table, you can decide according to your taste regarding the design.

Most dressing tables are painted white and lovingly decorated, which gives them an elegant look. Likewise, simple, clean shapes are modern in makeup tables. For the little guys, you can buy special children's dressing tables, which have dimensions suitable for children.


The following aspects you should consider when buying:

The number of drawers:

How many drawers you need depends largely on how many utensils you want to store in the piece of furniture.

If you want to store all your makeup, nail polishes, hair accessories, and the like in it, one drawer per category is recommended. This will ensure neat storage, which will facilitate the search for individual products. Drawer units that have several subdivisions are also useful here.


The color of the dressing table:

Dressing tables in white are particularly popular because they can be integrated into almost any environment. Whether with light furniture with white walls or dark brown wood - with a white dressing table you can either stay true to your style or set accents. Black tables can be ideally combined with dark furniture, but in a room decorated purely in white, such a model quickly disturbs the overall impression of the room.

If you have colored furnishings, you can choose a dressing table that reflects the colors of the furnishings.

The number of mirrors:

Usually, you can choose between dressing tables with one, two, or up to three mirrors. If you use the furniture only for make-up, one mirror is quite enough. Another copy with a stronger magnification will help you to work even more precisely. However, if you want to use the dressing table also as a dressing table, three mirrors are ideal. These are located on the sides and allow you to see them all around. So you can look at your hairstyle from all sides.



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