How to Choose the Right Chairs

A dining room chair is an important part of your interior and together with the dining room table forms the basis of your dining area. Here are some tips to aware how to choose your dining room chairs.

Match your dining table

The dining table is one of the most important furniture choices that you will make for your home.

a. Table Size:

Take attention at the height of the table and the thickness of the tabletop. Then you will need to find the seat-height-to-table-height distance you find comfortable, test a table (or tables) with a mix of different chairs.

b. Dining room style:

In addition to choosing tables and chairs of compatible scale, the pieces need to look good together. The styles must be compatible too.

The different styles of dining chairs

With so many styles available, you can really be creative when it comes to choosing your own stylish seat. However, asking yourself the following four questions will focus your ideas and help narrow down your search:

a. Dining Arm chairs

Dining armchairs are a design solution that will transform any dining room, delivering glamour and architectural interest to the heart of the home. They offer elegance and comfort whilst also boosting the design credentials of your room.

Tips: Don’t forget if you go for dining armchairs, you may need to double check the spacing. Make sure there is enough space for the chair to tuck in as the table top thickness will take up some of the space available for the armrest.

b. High back dining chairs

High Backed Dining Chairs Are A Stylish And Practical Choice. Whether you need an elegant and comfortable dining chair for your kitchen area, or something more casual for the kids’ playroom, the high back dining chairs are a top choice. From velvet fabric and faux leather or PU leather,there is a design to suit every occasion and style. Our wide range of high backed contemporary dining chairs come in numerous styles.

a. Comfort soft padded dining chair

If you rarely have guests, and usually eat your meals in another room, then you will need to pick something that would be comfortable to sit on for a couple of hours. Fabric upholstery can provide comfort, create a more sumptuous look and introduce pattern, with a curved back like the Lemroe Dining Chair, all have subtle features that will enhance your dining experience.

b. Industrial dining room chairs

Typical industrial design, of course, is faux leather dining chairs. Designed for stylish and glamorous. The perfect balance of look and comfort. If you're looking for a chair to fit in a cool industrial style room.Great for a variety of settings, from offices to shops to shared commercial spaces.

Durable angled metal legs structure and fully upholstered cushioned seat for strength performance and all-day comfort. Elegant yet edgy, this chair is sure to beautify any dining room or living room.

Material type

1) Material type

What makes a dining chair like ours different from other dining chairs? We start with a solid metal frame. Then, we upholster the seat and the back with bonded velvet or fabric.Here are some introduce and tips to help you,

a. Velvet Fabric

Synthetic fabric velvet, like high-quality polyester is less likely to mark, crush or fade making it more durable and suitable for family living. Velvet is difficult to snag, as it has no loose threads or raised weaves. Velvet dining chair adds a wonderful softness,enjoy Your dinner and set the scene with velvet dining Chairs to add a touch of luxury to any dining space, from the chic curves of gloss designs to modern, bean bag inspired fabric designs.

b. PU/Faux leather

Leather dining chairs are becoming more and more popular because of their comfort and easy handle. Compare with real leather, this material is very durable and will last a long time. Of course, more important point, faux leather chairs is environmental friendliness and much more affordable than real leather.From vintage,retro style to modern industrial,the wide range of leather chairs will easily match with any dining room set. bh

c. Metal structure legs

Metal is the strongest material for chair and stool construction. In Lemroe,We choose full welded method to ensure metal legs will not snap in normal circumstances. Simple metal work also tends to be cheaper than wooden equivalents.

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