How to choose the right sofa?

How to choose the right sofa?  A Sofa Picking Shopping Guide

The living room is a place to relax for a hard day's night and weekend, and the sofa is the core furniture of the living room.

The sofa is an area to watch TV, read or spend time comfortably with friends and family.

Whether you are looking for an addition or replacement sofa, or a complete set, we have a sofa to suit every style and budget. We hope this guide will help you find the sofa of your choice.


Styles - corner sofa, sofa bed and couch

The comfortable upholstered furniture is available in many different shapes, looks, and colors that you can choose to match your interior. When making your purchase decision, take into account both the desired purpose and the dimensions of the room in which the sofa will be placed.

Classic 2-Seater and 3-Seater sofas

2-Seater sofas are compact and space-saving. Their dimensions make these comfortable sofas particularly suitable for small rooms or as an additional piece of upholstered furniture. 2-Seater sofas offer enough space for two people. If you sit alone on the sofa, you can put your legs up and extend yourself.

Seater sofas are one size larger: they take up more space and are designed so that three people have enough room - if you move closer together, you can also use the 3-Seater sofa with four people. On 3-Seaters, you can stretch out lengthwise and lie down.

 Corner sofas

Corner sofa in L-shape

Corner sofas offer a lot of seating space and are recognizable by their L-shape: they have a lateral extension (chaise lounge), which is optionally attached on the right or left. Thanks to their design, the upholstered furniture can fill unused corners, so they are also suitable for small rooms.

Many corner sofas are also available in a U-shape, which offers you a particularly large amount of space.

Sofa beds

A couch with a sleep function offers a comfortable place to sleep in a few simple steps and is ideal if your guests want to stay overnight spontaneously. You can choose between a single or corner sofa with a sleep function.

The multifunctional sofas can be converted into a bed in two ways:

  • Extending

  • Fold down

In pull-out models, there is another sofa unit underneath the seat. By pulling it out and lifting it, the sofa enlarges. Pull-out sofa beds also often have a fold-out bed drawer for additional storage space. Here, for example, you can store comforters and pillows for your guests.

With fold-down sofas, the backrest is usually folded back to create a reclining space.

 Big Sofas

If you prefer a large sofa with extra space, you should choose a Big Sofa. The seating area of the couch is much wider than that of conventional upholstered furniture and thus offers space for the whole family or circle of friends. They are particularly suitable for generously proportioned rooms, as they not only take up a lot of space but are also visually engaging.

Living room landscapes have similar characteristics: they provide seating for large groups who like it cozy. The sofas usually have two chaise lounges so that several people can stretch out comfortably.

 Sofa sets

With sofa sets you can create a harmonious design in your living room: they usually consist of one or two sofas and armchairs that are visually coordinated with each other.

In addition to a harmonious overall appearance, sofa sets offer the advantage that they are cheaper to buy than several pieces of upholstered furniture.



In addition to the shape of the sofa, the material and color are also decisive for its spatial effect. You can choose between many different sofa covers that have specific characteristics:

  • Leather sofas: The natural material has an elegant look. Sofas with high-quality leather upholstery can be expensive but are very durable. They are particularly robust and easy to clean, which makes them suitable for families with children: dirt can simply be wiped off.

  • Synthetic leather: Although they often look almost indistinguishable from real leather, sofas made of Synthetic leather are cheaper to buy. At the same time, they offer the same advantages as real leather: easy to care for, easy to clean, and robust.

  • Fabric: If you want a sofa with a fabric cover, you have the advantage of being able to choose between many colors. The soft material is kind to the skin, cozily warm in winter and pleasantly cool in summer. Upholstered furniture made of fabric is easy to clean and is usually very durable.

  • Microfibre: Microfibre covers are made of fine synthetic fibers, which gives them dirt-repellent properties. They are particularly easy to clean and resistant. The sofas are therefore suitable for families with children. Another advantage is that the microfibres are so dense that dust can hardly get inside the sofa, so mites have no place to live. This also makes them suitable for people with house dust allergies.

  • Velvet: Sofas with velvet covers are trendy and are real eye-catchers in the room. They have both nostalgic charm and glamour. Here, there is a wide choice of colors. The elegant velvet surface is lustrous and very comfortable against the skin.



The type of upholstery determines how hard or soft the seat of the sofa will be. You should take the intended use of the sofa into account when making your purchase decision.

If you mainly want to sit upright on the sofa, you should choose innerspring. The firm cushions support your back so that you can sit comfortably for longer periods. This makes innerspring cushions particularly suitable for people with back problems.

On the other hand, if you intend to stretch out and relax on the sofa, foam fillings are ideal. The material allows the sofa to sink in softly, which makes it particularly cozy.


Overview of materials

 Comparison of various materials for sofas

Sofas and furnishing styles

Since sofas usually take up a lot of space and are conspicuous in a room, they should go well with your interior style and other furniture.

Here are some interior styles and the sofas that match them:

  • Country style: the down-to-earth, romantic look is complemented especially well with fabric sofas. Flowered, plaid or cream-colored, thick upholstery combined with wooden feet create rustic charm.

  • Industrial: to bring a loft atmosphere into your home, you should especially go for brown leather sofas in combination with dark metal. Here, Chesterfield sofas with their button stitching are a nice eye-catcher to round off the style.

  • Modern Scandi chic: The no-frills discreet design enjoys great popularity, as it is particularly easy to implement. Restrained colors combined with light wood and plain upholstery characterize sofas in Scandi chic.


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