Tips about the coffee table

On the coffee table, drinks and snacks can be placed to entertain guests. Also, due to the versatility of the design, this coffee table can be placed in other parts of your home.

1. Before you buy

The coffee table is not only suitable as a storage space for drinks and snacks, but this piece of furniture is also suitable for holding magazines and books. Before choosing a coffee table, you should ask yourself a few questions:

How much space do you plan for the coffee table? 
If you have a living room with small square footage, you should also choose a small variant for your table. For large rooms with a sofa, a small coffee table is not recommended, as the table will quickly look lost in this setting. In this case, a large, angular variant that blends harmoniously into the overall frame is a better choice.

What shape should the coffee table choose? 
Coffee tables exist in round, rectangular and square designs. 
Depending on the furnishings and intended use, different variants make sense: square coffee tables are particularly suitable if your sofa forms a frame around the table. These include U-shaped couches in particular. They also offer enough space for guests and do not take up too much room in the living room due to their short length. Rectangular variants look best in living rooms with a large sofa set. 
Round variants, on the other hand, are advisable for small rooms and are a real eye-catcher in terms of design, but the disadvantage is that not many guests can be seated around the table.

Do you often entertain guests? 
If you often have guests over and want to make yourself and your guests comfortable around the coffee table, we recommend both extendable and height-adjustable tables. On the one hand, this provides space for several people and, at the same time, allows the guests to sit more comfortably.
If you have more storage needs, you can choose a coffee table with drawers or with larger storage cabinets.

2. The different materials

Always match the material of the table to the rest of your furnishings for a uniform style: If you prefer a rustic style, you should choose a wooden living room table. A glass table, on the other hand, provides a refined look. In addition to these materials, metal and plastic are among the most frequently used variants. We present the different models in more detail:

Coffee table made of wood:

  • Every table is unique due to its grain.

  • Creates a cozy atmosphere

  • It is best to choose treated wood, as untreated variants are sensitive to dirt and moisture and therefore require more maintenance.

  • Most common types of wood: Walnut, oak, teak, maple, and birch

Coffee table made of metal:

  • Low cleaning effort

  • Sterile look

  • Blends well into rooms with modern, elegant furnishings

Coffee table made of glass:

  • Almost invisible look -> especially suitable for rooms where there are already conspicuous, "heavy" pieces of furniture

  • Timeless and noble

  • Susceptible to scratches

3. The care of coffee tables

Since drinks and food are often placed on coffee tables, models that are easy to clean are usually the better choice. However, if you only want to create a visual eye-catcher with the piece of furniture, glass variants are conceivable.
While living room tables made of metal and plastic do not require any special care, there are some aspects to consider with wooden and glass tables:

Wooden coffee tables
To clean your wooden table, use special cleaning agents that are adapted to the exact type of wood. It is important that you read the instructions on the label carefully: If you do not adhere to the dosage, the wood may be attacked.
If there are watermarks on your wooden table, you can remove them with a mixture of water and methylated spirit. Afterward, you should rub the corresponding area with polish.
Only mild agents are recommended for lacquered surfaces.
For cracks or scratches in the wood, it is best to use wood putty from the DIY store. These are available in almost all wood tones.

Glass coffee tables
Do not clean with water: this could leave streaks on the table. Special glass cleaners that prevent limescale deposits are better.
Always apply the cleaner in even circles.
Afterward, a polish is necessary to prevent streaks on the glass.

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