What are the different styles of Barstools?

No place is complete without comfortable seating. The height of the bar means that not just any chair will do. If your home has an open counter or bar, choosing can be a tough thing. Hope these tips can help you.

The classic feature of a barstool is the minimalist design. Moreover, you will find more unusual designs.

Guidelines for width and spacing of bar stools

You will need to measure the length of your counter or bar. Combined with the width of the stools chosen, this measurement determines how many stools can be comfortably placed in your space so that people can easily get in and out of their seats. For a 40-45 cm seat, leave 15 cm between chairs. For seats 45 cm or wider, or if the stool has arms or swivels, leave 20-25 cm.

How high should the height of the Barstools be?

Many bars are standardized, so barstools often have standard dimensions as well. For non-adjustable models, the seat height is usually around 80 centimeters. Especially practical are height-adjustable models, so you can adjust the seating position to your height.

Which Barstools are comfortable?

Barstools were not originally designed for sitting for long periods. Since bar stools are also used as seating in private households, you can find a variety of particularly comfortable models. Many bar stools are ergonomically designed to prevent back problems.


American diner barstool

  • Classic Barstool in bars and restaurants

  • A combination of chrome-plated frame and (imitation) leather

  • Usually height adjustable and 360° rotatable

  • Comfortable seat upholstery allows sitting for longer periods

Shell Bar Stool also known as a tulip bar stool

  • Round, bowl-shaped seat

  • The ergonomically designed seat is especially easy on the back

  • Made of plastic (PVC)

  • Uncomplicated cleaning

  • Usually height adjustable

Lounge bar chairs

  • Comfortable bar chair

  • Height adjustable can be used as both a barstool and cocktail chair

  • Wide and padded seat with arm and backrest

  • Often covered with (artificial) leather

Designer stools

  • Bar stools in modern design

  • Often futuristic and abstract shapes

  • Consists of high-quality materials such as stainless steel, chrome, and leather

  • Height adjustable


Outdoor bar stool

  • For use in the garden or on the terrace in combination with bar tables

  • Usually made of sturdy and weather-resistant materials, for example, polyrattan

  • Bar chair with four legs, not height adjustable

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