You Need to Know About Barstools Before Buying One

Bar stools have become indispensable in the catering industry. But practical chairs can also be found in private living rooms or at the bar for a long time. 

Bar stools are characterized by a slim design. Unlike normal dining chairs, the seating position is much higher, about 80 centimeters. Many bar stools can also be adjusted in height between 60 and 85 centimeters so that the seat height can be adapted to different body sizes as well as different tables. Here, a smooth-running adjustment mechanism secured with a lever, the so-called gas spring technology is often used. In the lower third of the chair bar stools have a cross brace, which allows comfortable support of the foot.

For optimal seating comfort, the distance between the leg and the bottom of the table should be at least 20 centimeters. And to ensure the stability of the chair, bar stools stand on a solid chair leg, often made of metal or chrome, and have a heavy and wide table base. Some stools also have a swivel joint, which allows them to rotate up to 360 degrees. Many counter stools are equipped with arms and backrests.


Purpose of Use:

Bar stools can also be used in a variety of ways in the home. Thanks to their narrow shape, they take up little space and therefore visually enhance even small apartments.

Seating at kitchen islands (kitchen stools)
In combination with a bar table: dining set for small apartments or kitchens
Counter stools for the house bar
In the garden or on the terrace: seating at bar tables

Counter stool or Barstool?

In general, a distinction is made between the counter stools and bar stools. In what the individual models differ, you will learn the following:


Counter stools

  • Round seat

  • With Footrest

  • Mounted on a sturdy metal leg with a heavy base

  • Rotates 360


Bar stools

  • High dining chair

  • Static models with four legs and a backrest

  • Rarely height adjustable

  • Often also with armrests

Even though there were originally differences between counter stools and bar stools, they are often used interchangeably.

Different Materials

While bar stools used to be made of wood and a lightly upholstered seat, today a variety of materials are used for the frame and surface:

  • (synthetic) leather

  • Chrome, chrome-plated metal

  • plastic (PVC)

  • (poly-)rattan

Wooden bar stools

Barhocker Barstools

Bar stools made of wood are among the classic models and can still be found in many restaurants and pubs. Wood is particularly robust as well as durable and can be refurbished even after intensive use. Wood counter stools especially give your home bar a quaint and cozy ambiance. Wood species such as oak, beech, or even teak are often used in the manufacture of bar stools.

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