You Need to Know About Office Chairs Before Buying OneⅠ

In the office or home office, it is not uncommon to sit for eight hours a day - which makes the choice of office chair all the more important. It should enable a healthy and back-friendly sitting posture.

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This is something you should consider when buying an office chair:

Before choosing an office chair, you should first be aware of the purpose for which you want to use it and how often and for how long it will be used.


These criteria will help you make the right choice:

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When sitting for a long time, you should choose a chair with a high backrest, because it provides optimal support for the back. It is particularly important that it is adjustable. The armrests should also be included in the choice, as they additionally relieve the sitting posture. As with the backrest, you should decide whether you need an armrest based on how long you sit on the chair. If you are going to be using the chair for a long time, a suitable armrest is a good idea. For people with sensitive neck muscles, a headrest can additionally relieve the cervical spine.


  1. Adjust the height of the backrest so that the curved lumbar support is in the area of the lower lumbar vertebrae. This corresponds to the optimal curvature of the spine and provides the ideal support for the back.

  2. The armrests are correctly adjusted when the upper and lower arms are at a 90° angle and the shoulder and neck muscles are relaxed. Your shoulders should not be pushed up or hung loosely down. The length of your upper arm determines the height of the armrest.

  3. The headrest can be adjusted either as a neck support in the area between the upper cervical spine and the back of the head or as a head support directly at the back of the head, depending on how you feel.


Depending on where and how often you use the chair, the choice of material may vary. For heavy use, a leather surface is recommended, as it is very easy to clean. However, seating surfaces with a breathable fabric cover also provide a high level of comfort and are also suitable for long periods of sitting.

 swivel chair

Swivel Chair Wheels: 

A swivel chair with wheels provides flexibility and is especially practical in the office. For the right choice, you should first pay attention to the floor covering. A soft version is recommended for laminate, whereas hard wheels are advantageous for carpeted floors, as they allow you to move around without exerting a lot of force. You should also consider using floor protection mats to protect the floor covering.


Soft Wheels: (Soft wheels have a softer plastic ring/rubber ring on the roller body in contrasting colors so that no abrasions are produced by rolling on hard floors.)

  •  Laminate

  • Parquet

  • Tile

Hard Wheels: (Hard wheels are made of a uniform plastic twill, usually black, so they roll well when sitting on soft floors.)

  • Carpet

  • Needle felt

  • Cork flooring

  • Linoleum

Different Office Chair Models

You can choose between different office chair variants. Whether a slim swivel chair, massive executive chair, ergonomic office chair, or simple stool, there is the right model for every taste and all requirements.

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