You Need to Know About Office Chairs Before Buying One Ⅱ

There are different types of office chairs and different materials. Now the features of the chair are ergonomic. But how to choose a chair that does not get tired of sitting for a long time? I hope this guide can help you.


Swivel chair

Swivel chair for living and working areas.

The swivel chair is the most widely used seating option in the office, although it can also be used in the living area. Swivel chairs are practical, and flexible and can also be found in many children's and teenagers' rooms as classic desk chairs. They have many practical features such as an adjustable height or a seat that can be rotated 360 degrees. Usually, the swivel chair is equipped with a rather low backrest, which mainly supports the lower back.


  • Flexible to use

  • Versatile variants

  • Suitable for children

Executive chair

Executive chairs are particularly comfortable due to their high, padded backrest, which is connected to the seat. They are also characterized by their high-quality finish and materials such as artificial or genuine leather. Anyone who sits at a desk for several hours a day will benefit from this comfort. In addition to the high level of comfort, a characteristic feature of the executive chair is the so-called rocking mechanism. It allows the backrest to adapt to the user's movements. In addition, mobility and flexibility are ensured by the chair's ability to swivel and practical chair castors. The height adjustability also allows the chair to be individually adjusted and adapted to the body size.


  • High comfort

  • Wide range of adjustment options

  • Chic look

Ergonomic office chairs

Ergonomic office chairs support natural posture.

If you have the predisposition to back problems, ergonomic office chairs are recommended. Especially if you spend a lot of time in a sitting position, an ergonomic chair can support your back and prevent back pain or tension. Thus, it offers many advantages, especially from a health perspective. Individual adjustment options for the backrest and seat allow you to adapt the chair ideally to your needs so that the lumbar region is optimally supported. Movable components also prevent static sitting. Correct adjustment is particularly important and should be checked regularly. For this, it is best to initially seek the advice of an expert.


  • Supports the back

  • Prevents tension and back pain

  • Different models for individual needs

Office stool

Office stool also has a healthy effect on sitting and is also very versatile. It promotes sitting in motion, which is very beneficial for both the back and concentration. The range of office stools is very wide, with special models also offering ergonomic designs.

In addition, the following criteria speak in favor of the office stool:

  • Stability

  • Durability

  • Flexible application possibilities


Tips for correct sitting:

  • The seat height should be adjusted so that there is a 90° angle between the upper and lower legs.

  • Make sure that the feet are flat on the floor. If necessary, a footrest can also be used.

  • The height-adjustable and flexible backrest should be adapted so that it relieves the back in various working postures. It should be in contact with the back in every sitting position.

  • When adjusting the armrests, make sure that the angle of the elbow is also 90° and that the forearms rest straight on the work surface.

  • Use the entire seat surface of the seat cushion.

  • Vary your sitting position and avoid sitting rigidly. Don't forget to stretch and move around in between.


Different seat mechanics at a glance

Rocking mechanism: The angle between the seat and backrest always remains the same. The rocker mechanism is mainly found in executive chairs. In a version with weight adjustment, the machine can be individually adjusted to the user's body weight. Advantage: the lumbar spine is protected, which permanently protects against incorrect posture. 

Permanent contact: The backrest follows the body's movements and can be adjusted to any inclination position. In this way, it follows the different sitting positions and enables frequently changing postures. Benefit: Dynamic, active sitting supports the back.

What features should the optimal office chair have?

  • Five-star base with castors

  • Minimum weight of 15 kg

  • Height adjustable seat

  • Tiltable seat

  • Height adjustable armrests

  • Adjustable backrest

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